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World’s longest Hula-Hoop up for sale on E-bay. Bids hit over £6,000!

28-year-old Adam Potter from #Birmingham recently discovered what he claims to be the 'world's longest Hula Hoop crisp, measuring a whopping 4.72 inches. Rather than devouring this lengthy snack, Adam decided to put it up for auction on eBay.

Adam stumbled upon this oversized Hula Hoop in a packet of Big Hoops that he purchased on December 19. As the owner of an old school desserts business in Birmingham, Adam shared his excitement, stating, "I was taking a break from baking some chocolate concrete when I opened the packet and was taken aback by what I saw."

Adam was so amazed by the exceptional size of the crisp that he rushed upstairs to share the news with his wife. However, she was in a meeting at the time, so he patiently held his excitement until he could finally share the discovery. Adam also reached out to Kp snacks, suggesting that they produce similar oversized Hula Hoop crisps called "Hula Tubes," which would be ideal for dipping.

Realising the potential value of his find, Adam safely stored the enormous Hula Hoop in an airtight container before deciding to sell it online. Initially, he listed it on eBay as a lighthearted gesture, but after seeing that another Hula Hoop crisp had sold for £712, he thought it would be foolish not to give it a try.

Currently, the bidding frenzy has already surpassed £6,000 with 80 bids, and there are still four days remaining before bidding closes on Monday, January 15. While crisps are Adam's preferred snack, he still possesses the unique crisp in its original packaging, keeping it safe in a box.

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