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A stream in Birmingham turned a shade of blood red, leaving everyone puzzled.

A stream in Birmingham turned a shade of blood red, leaving everyone puzzled. At Perry Common Meadows this unusual occurrence caught the attention of a passerby who reported it.

Birmingham City Council's environmental investigators have initiated a comprehensive investigation to determine the cause behind this phenomenon.

Councilor Jilly Bermingham, representing Perry Common Ward, took to social media to share her awareness of the situation and express her commitment to have it thoroughly examined. Although the water has mostly returned to its original state, remnants of the striking red hue can still be seen further downstream.

Councilor Bermingham eagerly awaits updates on the investigation, expecting to receive the m necessary information either today or tomorrow. She mentions that urgent action will be taken to clear the stream once the cause is identified, emphasizing that the nature of the substance needs to be determined before cleanup procedures can be implemented. Speculating on different possibilities, she questions whether it could be a chemical reaction rather than paint due to the darkness of the color observed.

Councilor David Barker, representing Brandwood and Kings Heath, responded to Councilor Bermingham's post with genuine surprise, likening the scene to the beginning of a horror film. The Environmental Agency reassured the public that no harm has come to any fish or wildlife in the stream, with initial samples showing no cause for concern. Despite the partial restoration of the water's clarity, remnants of the red hue are still visible further downstream.

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